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About Me


Hi! My name is Dan Silverman. I have been a professional dating coach, matchmaker, networker, and social coach since 2006. I grew up in Miami, FL, which is the olympics of dating. It's pretty tough to date in Miami as well as most major cities. I have personally experienced the struggles of modern dating and have worked with men and women through all walks of life.

My first job was working as an office manager at my father's psychological practice. I then got into acting and theatre, both as a professional actor and as a teacher. I used both the influence of working at a psychological office and my theatrical training to teach social and dating skills and became a very successful dating coach and matchmaker in Miami. I have since moved from Miami and travel all around the world coaching singles in person, through zoom, and referring clients to the best possible professionals in their field.

Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to reach out. If I cannot work with you personally, I will gladly refer you to a dating professional who can.

-Dan Silverman-

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